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State of the art in loving care.
Beach Veterinary Hospital is a full-service, patient-centered small veterinary hospital building exclusive trustworthy relationships with clients and their unique pets deserving of the best. We treat our four-legged family with patience and a compassionate gentle touch striving for excellence in pet care and personal service. 
A top-notch education in biochemistry and at the best veterinary school in the nation ( UC Davis) followed by mentoring by critical care specialists and internists, a decade of experience in emergency hospitals and two decades in Southern California day practices, prepared us to provide our dog and cat patients with affordable cutting edge veterinary medicine and surgery only wisdom and discretion gained by years of experience can. But more than that, we pride ourselves on educating our clients on the prevention of disease through thoughtfully customized vaccination, behavioral training, and a comprehensive understanding of nutrition hoping to spare them from avoidable accidents and a very long list of chronic maladies associated with poor foods and choices, like humans. 
We welcome the opportunity to teach you how to raise a healthy and well-behaved puppy or kitten, or see your older dog and cat for almost anything that ails them- vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and weight gain, excessive thirst, scratching, itching, and ear infections, allergies, dental disease, sneezing, eye conditions, endocrine conditions (diabetes, hypo, and hyperthyroidism, Cushing's, Addison's), bladder, kidney and liver disease, pancreatitis, heart and lung disorders (coughing), arthritis, lameness and sadly, cancer. Whether your fur baby needs a diet tune-up, supplements, dentistry, acupuncture, or chemotherapy for lymphoma, you can depend on us to improve their quality of life. 
Our comfortable modern hospital is well equipped with a complete laboratory, X-rays, EKG, cardiology, on-site ultrasonography, and surgery suite with a comprehensive array of anesthetic monitors to minimize anesthetic risks and enhance surgical recovery. 
We prefer to see our patients by appointment which can be scheduled by phone or online below.
Walk-ins are welcome but might have to wait to be seen after appointments.
Emergency walk-in patients are seen first if unstable. 
Beach Veterinary Hospital offers two parking lots for your convenience. The parking lot facing 4th Street between our building and VW mechanics is 20 feet from our lobby, while the parking lot facing Temple leads to the back of the hospital ready for critical patients.
When a specialist is needed, we refer to local experts for the best care possible, whether a neurologist for spinal surgery or alternative treatments like acupuncture.
Dr. Ena Valikov

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