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Dr. Ena Valikov 

Having graduated with a biochemistry degree in 1984 and Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from University of California at Davis, the #1 Veterinary School in US in 1990, Dr. Ena has been practicing clinical veterinary medicine and surgery in Southern California. She started Bellflower Veterinary Hospital in 1999 and moved to Retro Row on 4th & Temple within walking distance of her home in Rose Park South in 2011.

Being fortunate to have worked with great mentors in internal medicine, oncology and emergency critical care specialists, and 10 yrs of experience exclusively in emergency pet hospitals makes her confident in her abilities to help your pet in times of need, but she shifted her focus after managing critically ill patients to prevention of disease. She is dedicated to educating pet parents avoidance of heart breaking emergency visits and reducing risks and need for critical care care .


Nutrition is the cornerstone of preventive medicine Since over 70% of chronic illnesses are related to what we  eat, so it shouldn't be a surprise that the same is true for pets. Chronic disease prevention and avoiding predictable "accidents" is a terrible business strategy since we as a veterinary service provider make money on illness rather than wellness. But we believe in Hippocrates when he said "Let Food Be Thy Medicine" and we are committed to educating our clients on veterinary medicine and pledge ourselves to prevention and  alleviation of  pain and suffering because it is the right thing to do.  


Dr. Ena's training in biochemistry and genetic engineering affords her a unique perspective on genetic modification of food ingredients pet owners aren't aware are hiding in their pets diets.  These have been linked in the literature to unanswered questions about allergies, kidney and bladder stones, liver disease, pancreatitis, triaditis, inflammatory bowel disease, and cancer associated with herbicides sprayed on them.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) unbeknownst to most pet owners and veterinarians were introduced in 1996, ubiquitous in popular pet foods remain unlabeled--which is why you have not heard about them.  Please schedule an appointment and we will be happy to help you fine tune your kitty's or doggie's diet.

Cheers to wellness!  


Pet Exam Room

Beach Veterinary Hospital in Long Beach Historic Rose Park, is the new home of Bellflower Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Ena moved in 2011. We now have a convenient 4th Street -Temple Ave. location that includes 2 large parking lots.

Still providing State of the Art in Loving Care since opening Bellflower Pet in 1999! 

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Doctor Ena Valikov

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