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Our goal is prevention and alleviation of pain and  suffering for our patients and stress to our clients within long- term trust-worthy relationships based in extensive experience,  judicious advice  in diagnostics and treatment, excellence in anesthesia, soft tissue as well as orthopedic surgery.   We custom tailor all treatments and vaccines to your unique needs and life-style, for no two dogs or cats are the same. Our hope is our honest and thoughtful approach reduces suffering and costs of veterinary care--- making our professional services affordable and a good  value


Micro Chipping

Puppy and kitten series are started at  6weeks, and boosters administered until 16 weeks. Adult vaccines are custom tailored to your pet's lifestyle and needs. We offer a lunch time vaccine clinic Wednesdays 12-3pm designed for healthy pets who don't need an examination. 


Internal Medicine

Intestinal diseases causing vomiting/ diarrhea,  liver, kidney disease,

Endocrinology: Addisons, Cushings. Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, diabetes


Chemotherapy: dogs-lymphoma


Joint diseases- lameness, limping, stiffness, difficulty rising

Behavioral Counseling

Separation anxiety, aggression, destructiveness

Gentle leadership




Itching, licking, scratching, rashes, hair loss, odor, 

Parasitic disorders: flea control, mange... 

allergies- ear  infections.

We perform allergy tests to learn the specific substances pets are sensitive to, and manage them with desensitization to avoid chronic use of  steroids. 


Nutritional Consultations

It is estimated that 70% of chronic disease is nutrition related. Our background in biochemistry gives us a unique perspective on  nutrition- the cornerstone of preventative medicine. We will help you select the best diet for your pet- whether it is grain free, home made or  "raw", for muscle maintenance,  weight gain or weight loss. Please be sure to bring the food you are currently feeding, as well as ALL the treats. 



Figuring out if your pet is suffering, or living a good quality of life is often not easy nor black and white. Our pets live much shorter lives than we do, and we often face one of the most difficult decisions of our lives when chosing to end theirs- to prevent the pet's pain and suffering. Some pet owners know when it is time to put their pet to sleep;  others find the decision much more wrenching and stressful. Though nothing can make the pain and grief disappear, having said good bye to our own beloved companions and patients, allows us to  relate to your feelings and helps us guide you through the process. 

In -Home Euthanasia

Veterinarian House Calls with notice


We take thorough histories relying on your close observations, and  check your pet from head to paw


Spay & Neuter

Your precious pet will need this surgery at 6 months of age....sometimes a little older, but  it is very important for prevention of breast and testicular cancer, as well as life-threatening prostatic and uterine infections. 


Emergency Care

We are experienced in critical care.   What's a pet emergency? A pet who is: 

trying to vomit, is retching but can't--especially Big Dogs

trying to urinate or defecate but can't-especially  Male cats

 weak or listless

can't get up

dragging rear legs-especially if Doxie

Gums are Not Pink-

got into a poison  or human medications

ate a foreign object, toxic plants.

trying to have puppies or kittens, pushing and straining, but can't

breathing fast or with exhertion

has a persistent cough

can't get comfortable

Has a Fever--Normal rectal temp. is approx. 101.5F

looks bloated

having a seizure, tremors or collapsed

can't get up

struck by a car

 bit by another animal

is bleeding

In Pain


Whether your pet needs hospitalization on  intravenous fluids, a blood transfusion or oxygen and nebulization for pneumonia-- we are prepared for your pets urgent needs



Anesthesia: Our high tech anesthesia monitoring  equipment  ( comprehensive monitoring of oxygen, CO2, blood pressure, EKG} reduces surgical  risks and aggressive pain management speed  recovery. 

Soft Tissue Surgery-intestinal, bladder, splenectomy, GDV, mastectomy, masses/ tumors

Aggressive Multi pronged pain relief

Dental Care

About 70% of pets over 6years of age have dental disease. We offer both anesthetic and nonanesthetic cleaning for the right patient.


X-rays. Ultrasound by a board certified veterinary radiologist and echocariography by a board certified cardiologist



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