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Dr. Google

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Tips on healthy research

We love the internet and educated clients!  Unfortunately, we  find that many have difficulty separating legitimate information from hearsay and myths. Too often we see pets diagnosed by Dr. Google incorrectly suffering needlessly--Dr. Google is a poor substitute for a professional veterinary  consultation. Look for sites that are non-commercial ( dot edu, dot org-rather than dot com), that  don't offer products for sale using testimonials, and are written by professional veterinarians rather than breeders, trainers or "Aunt Betty from Kansas" who posts pictures/stories of succesful outcomes without backing them up with legitimate studies. 



Helpful Links

  • Start here: Veterinary Partner  is a very helpful easy to navigate site written by professional veterinarians filled with information about pet health, diseases, and drugs.




Links  for kitties  diagnosed with kidney disease (CKD/CRF)


  • Pet Diabetes : comprehensive guide:on insulin, instructions blood glucose curves, and much more.







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