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How to Lose Weight and Sharpen Your Own and likely your Doggy's Brain.

Losing weight and boosting your brain function might sound like an offer too good to be true.

But a timely set of very interesting studies and analysis that emerged in recent weeks suggests that you can!

obesity in six tweets

Dr. Kevin Bass posted a compelling picture of rising rates of obesity in the face of reduction of sugar. We have known for a very long time that sugar contributes to obesity and it has lead many doctors to recommend low carbohydrate diets and the paleo-ketogenic diet craze. But a careful analysis of USDA's and CDC's data suggests that a very significant increase in calories in American diet can be attributed to vegetable oils.

When food producers remove sugar, they replace it with vegetable oils, and particularly soy bean oil-check the salad dressing isle at the grocery store and you will learn how difficult it is to avoid soybean oil and how few of hundreds of illusory choices are made with olive oil. These vegetable oils, by the way, are extracted from genetically modified, herbicide tolerant insecticidal plants (GMOs).

The Gift of Wellness is Priceless.

Time for a brain oil change?

As importantly a series of two studies from Italy noted that canola oil (likely genetically engineered just like soybean oil to be resistant to multiple herbicides -Round Up, Dicamba, or 2,4D, half the formula for Agent Orange) is linked in mouse studies with weight gain as well as loss of memory and learning capacity!

The first study by the same group showed that extra virgin olive oil, unlike canola oil, reduced brain tangles caused by tau protein and insoluble amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer's.

Notably, unlike canola oil-- olive oil improved brain's ability to clear brain clogging tau protein and amyloid plaques from neuron synaptic spaces, by a process called autophagy, helping them communicate better.

Olive oil preserved learning capacity and memory!

It's a No Brainer

If you want to keep your and your pooch's hour glass figure, consider cutting back on unhealthy vegetable oils- soybean and canola oil from your diets. To help your own neurons and likely your four legged genius' brain cells fire on all the cylinders consider removing canola oil from your and their pet food.

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